24MM APLuxury Fan w/ Winter Handle

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**$3 OFF, white part of the resin now showing a black dot or two, there may also be some specks in the clear resin**

The first mixed finest bader/boar knot - now as a full brush!

The "Winter" handle - the first addition in a seasonal brush collection. This handle is comprised of a two tone ivory top and clear base. The clear base shines beautifully in natural light, as you can see in the pictures taken outside, it adapts a slight blueish (icy) tint when exposed to the winter conditions.

**This handle can be subject to very minor cosmetic imperfections. The clear may resin may (or may not) have some very small specs/imperfections in it, and where the ivory meets the clear resin may (or may not) have some incredibly small air bubbles. Most people won't notice it at all, but it's worth mentioning to those that may be expecting perfection**