26mm G5A SHD Premium Synthetic Knot

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The G5A features the following:

- Natural-looking synthetic fibers imported from Germany

- The hair on the G5A is very similar to that of other big name high end synthetic knots. For reference, it’s most similar to the Omega EVO, and similar to the Simpsons Platium Grade synthetic.

- This knot has been packed with SHD density to make it the denest possible knot for it’s size (20% more hair).

- Excellent backbone. This German hair uses a wavy style hair to clump the tips and gives it more backbone while still retaining that amazing synthetic softness. It’s a truly luxurious experience with this knot.

- Very soft tips (approx. very soft to above average softness compared to other synthetics)

- A common problem with the G4 knots you’ve seen on the market is that they tend to tangle in the center after use. This problem does not occur in the G5A hair!

-It retains water in a more efficient manner than traditional synthetics.

NOTE: These knots contain and inherently shorter height (approx. 65mm) compared to other synthetics (68-70mm). Keep this in mind when setting the knot, you'll need a slightly more shallow hole!

Base Diameter: 26mm (

± 0.5 - 1mm)

Customer Reviews

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Christopher King
Lightyears Beyond Expectations

TLDR: Holds water well, holds heat well, builds a great lather on face or in a bowl. Buy this knot, you won't be disappointed.

Let me just start by saying I have extremely discerning tastes and am not easily impressed. I've been wet-shaving for ~15 years and while I've owned many brushes, I have only kept 4 brushes in my stable: Simpson Duke 3, Simpson Chubby 2, and Kent's BK4 & BK8...all in Silvertip and/or Manchurian Badger. I've tried a couple of synthetics over the years, but was always disappointed with the feel, lather, or some other facet of their performance. While skimming through the B&B forums, I noticed a few posts calling out Andrew and AP Shave for high-quality synthetics. I figured I'd give it another go since it's been several years since my last synthetic trial so I ordered a beautiful ebonite handle and 26mm G5A knot from Andrew.

When my brush arrived, I was extremely impressed by the look and finish of the handle, but the know was exceptionally similar to the badger I've grown accustomed to. When I used it for the first shave, I was blown away by the quality of the lather, the heat retention, feel of the bristles, and overall shave quality. I've since used it a few more times, and each shave has been just as luxurious and enjoyable. I can't speak to the longevity as I've only owned the brush for a little over a week and shaved with it ~3 times, but I can say this brush and knot have earned a permanent place in my brush stable...and that's not easy to accomplish!

John Fields
I am impressed

it lathers as well as my SHD Silvertip knots from Maggard's. I tend to use the 26mm on a brush handle from TurnedTimber(i has a fishing fly in the handle, what can I say) or my 30mm G5A in a Darl Bloom from Cayuen.
both lather incredibly, clean easily when done.
and it is half the price of a good silvertip knot

Kaki Tsang

Very good

Feels like a gelly tip badger!

If you face lather, this is going to be as good as a synthetic is going to get. I do recognize that this one is priced higher than average but you're paying for a very plush & luxurious feel

maybe mount a bit higher...

Popped this in the AP 26mm black handle (17mm depth). Sat like a Chubby2 so I was good to go.
Tons of backbone, stiff but soft, but not too much splay. Maybe if it was mounted a nickel higher it would splay more.
Really stiff & have to work it on the face to build a lather. Oozes onto handle like a Trafalgar.
Good looking combo.