About Us


Established in 2016 by Andrew, APShaveCo. was the originator of the now world famous "Tuxedo" synthetic shaving brush knot. Shortly after, I released the Cashmere and Faux Horse knots which has also been quite popular among wet-shavers. In 2017, the SilkSmoke knot was released, and become a very strong seller. In 2018, the SynBad was released, which I believe to be the next revolution in the synthetic knot world. It's appearance and quality is what I believe to be the best in the world.


The goal of APShaveCo. is really simple; be different. I want to bring unique, and high quality products to wet-shavers around the world. APShaveCo aims to do things the people have never done before in this hobby. With a focus on high quality and product differentiation, APShaveCo. attempts to bring wet-shavers the best and most high quality shaving brushes and knots on the market. It's as simple as that.


Orders tend to ship the day after they are placed, depending on my availability. I am a one man operation, so I try to do the best I can with the time I have. You can expect a 1-3 day shipping time after an order is placed as a standard.