24MM 2BED Synthetic FAN w/ Elegant Emerald Handle

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The 2BED knot is named after its characteristics. It looks like a 2 Band Badger knot, hence the 2B. The ED is the extra density this knot carries. You put that together, you get the 2BED knot. This is the FIRST FAN KNOT IN THE APSHAVECO Collection! The hair in the knot made for a true fan shape, unlike some of the flatter fan shapes I've seen in plenty of synthetics. This knot stands out with it's excellent splay. It's similar to the Cashmere in terms of softness. The hair is slightly thicker than the cashmere near the base I find however, with a bit of subtle backbone when splayed. A truly outstanding knot with the high quality you would expect from APShaveCo.

The Elegant Emerald handle has a beautiful green appearance, with ripples of other colours throughout the handle.

Customer Reviews

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Sterling Campbell
Favorite brush

I have 26 brushes and counting with most of those Synthetic. Of all of them, this is my absolute favorite. Just enough backbone. Just enough scrub with incredible splay. Plus I'm the dimensions of the fan shape are absolutely perfect. Not too bulbous and not too flat. My Brush Acquisition Disorder slayer.


Zachary Gilbreath
Surprised 5+ stars for Authenticity 3 Stars for personal use

I love the handle color and its shape. The handle is very comfortable. This brush is for you if you enjoy the feel of a soft badger hair knot but do not want a natural hair brush. It mimics the two band badger hair very well. It has a light scrub and is soft. The knot retains watter well for a synthetic and explodes lather from it quickly. I am allergic to badger hair so the feeling of the tips reminds me too much of badger hair. I was surprised this brush actually delivers on the presentation of how it feels. If you do not like the feeling of badger hair try one of the other knots. If you like slightly scrubby badger hair give this synthetic a try.

Jay Hill
Usual AP Quality

Another quality brush from AP. I like longer handles so I can keep lather off my fingers in order to keep a better grip on my razor, and this handle fits the bill wonderfully. I’m not the world’s largest fan of the colour green, but as soon as I saw the handle I thought it really looked great. The knot is what you’d expect from a quality synthetic. It’s very soft, with some backbone. It actually retains water more than my other synths. Works great and it’s a real looker!

Very nice

Great Brush. I concur that the brush splays similar to a 2 band. One star removed because I think the brush loft could be dropped a couple mm. The fan isn’t extreme like I’ve seen on some other brushes. I might drop the loft myself and have an awesome brush to my liking.