24MM SilkSmoke w/ Summer Handle

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The SilkSmoke knot:
Smokey in appearance, this knot gives an interesting performance. I can only describe as a hybrid between the backbone of the tuxedo, with the face feel of the Cashmere when using a light touch when using a light touch. A truly outstanding knot with the high quality you would expect from APShaveCo.

The Summer handle has a beautiful green top to symbolize the grass of summer and a clear/purple base to represent the gorgeous summer colours we see in during summer time. **NOTE: The amount of purple in the bottom can vary. Sometimes the base looks more clear, sometimes it is tinted more purple. Also, as with these more complex handles, the can be prone to some imperfections (such as air bubbles, specs, etc.)**

*The hair is slightly thicker in this (now 3rd) batch, giving a bit more backbone and leading to a bit less softness.