Ivory Rose Gold Flake Shaving Brush Handle (fits 28mm, 30mm knots)

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Built to accommodate either 28mm or 30mm knots, depending on your preference. Loft can be customized to your liking, the hole is 17mm deep. 

  • Handle Height: 75mm
  • Hole Size: 31mm
  • Hole Depth: 17mm

Customer Reviews

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His and hers brushes (hers)

I bought a set of his and hers brushes for myself and my old lady, Canada Post lost my order, I informed the bossman, and my order was made right. No fight, no fuss, no muss, someone else made a mistake and he fixed it, that’s the sign of a fair and reputable business. That being said the brush is wonderful and my girl loves it, the 30mm tuxedo is soft and plush, builds an incredible lather and is huge, which is great for her body shaving, legs etc. She has eczema and because of that softness is key, and this knot has softness for days. Handle is a bit big for her, but that seems reasonable with the giant knot and I feel she’ll get use to it because of the ergonomic shape. Aesthetically she loves the brush, the rose gold flakes are totally her and she’s exited to use it for the first time. Crushed it with this set boss!

Robert Serban
For me a nearly perfect handle

Just a fantastic off the shelf and ready to go 30 mm handle. It's the perfect extra large size and length to keep the suds off my hands which is my only issue I have with our great hobby. I have handles that are close to $100 which this really resembles and it is $14. I like to set my own knots when I'm not ordering an AP knot and this is bored to 17mm which allows for proper height setting. Just great.

Joao Krithinas

Ivory Rose Gold Flake Shaving Brush Handle (fits 28mm, 30mm knots)

Impressive Donut
It’s bigger than I thought it would be.

“That’s what she said!”
—Michael Scott

Seriously, I didn’t realize it was so big, since I have a few other larger knots with more normal sized handles. Since I gifted this to my wife, she has the final say. She has used it once and has nothing bad to say.

David F
Wife loves it

Bought this for my wife with the 30 mm cashmere knot. Looks beautiful (rose gold is her favorite) and covers a lot of real estate fast. Very comfortable to hold ( I usually prep her bowl) and builds a great lather.