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Italian Acrylic

This acrylic is derived from an acrylic sheet maker from Italy who has been in the business for over 60 years. What's unique about this company is that the acrylic has inspiration from mother nature. Each acrylic has incredible depth to it that's nearly impossible to capture on camera, a true work of art.


UK Resin

The original and what started the handcrafted line. Very common in the industry - you'll notice a lot of high end brush makers use this style of resin! It's tradition in wet shaving will always make it a staple of the handcrafted series. 

USA Resin

I saw what a pen blank maker in Arizona was doing and I was in love with this semi translucent style. I thought it’d translate into shaving brushes quite well. He agreed to make new blank sizes for me (he even had to make new molds since they’re so much bigger than the pen ones). The results speak for themselves I think.

German Resin

This unique snake-skin style resin is definitely an eye-catcher. It is primarily used in knife making & pen making, however it translates to the brush making industry seamlessly. This incredible German resin definitely stands out.


German Ebonite

Ebonite is a rubber compound that makes for stunning and unique brushes. Known for it's unique contrasts swirls to the dark style base material, these brushes are truly functional pieces of art.