Tuxedo Shaving Brushes & Shaving Brush Knots

AP Shave Co. is home of the original tuxedo knot - first released in 2016, it changed the landscape of the synthetic shaving brush market forever. This shaving brush knot features very soft tips with solid backbone, and an iconic black & white appearence.

How to Order an AP Shave Co. Fully Assembled Brush

Since AP Shave Co. allows full customization options, ordering requires 1 extra step. Here is how to order:

    1. Click on the handle you'd like as a full brush
    2. Once on the product page, below the initial image will be the "BUILD YOUR BRUSH" option
    3. Simply select the tuxedo knot with the handle you chose, and select the loft you'd like (just use my recommendation if you're a newbie!) and done!
    4. The brush arrives to your door fully assembled! Good to go right out of the box!