20mm-22mm Knots

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Crompton
Enjoying 22mm knots (synbad, G5C)

both great knots! The synbad works well lofted low (50mm) as it is a floppy knot, so a low setting gives it a bit more back bone while still being easy to splay.

The G5C is also suited to low lofts due to its fan shape making for easy splay. This knot also suits being smaller in diameter due to its wide bloom.

All in all i really enjoy the 22mm knots and hope to see more knot varieties in that diameter in the future! (Also a return of the faux horse)

Nice little knot

I found this knot too soft without backbone when fitted in the AP400 slim brass version. The handle is perfect for 22mm knots. Once removed I fitted the knot to a 20mm handle - the whole experience changed to a positive one. A great little face painter.

Prefer Smaller Knots

I prefer smaller knots with lower loft, and the 22mm SynBad I recently bought with a Tortoise AP handle which I set to full depth works perfectly. I wish there were more smaller knots available from AP Shave Co.

20mm Gelousy bulb-shape knot in an aluminium AP400 handle

The knot and the handle are outstanding. The knot has just the right backbone, for me, flow-through is great and the tips and face feel are divine. The handle is aesthetically very pleasing, the finish is top notch and feels well balanced in the hand. Overall, in terms of price, quality and performance the brush can’t be beat. I recommend both unreservedly.

Richard G.
Great Knots at a great price

The 20 mm Gelousy is a perfect face latherer while the 22 mm SynBad is ideal for both face and bowl lathering. Both knots have extremely soft tips with decent backbone. Thanks Andrew for your great service.