24mm-26mm Knots

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Customer Reviews

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Jean Thibault
fait un excellent travail, satisfait

Agréablement surpris de sa performance.

Matt G
G5C knot is great

Since I've had this brush with a G5C knot (24mm) I've barely used anything else. The knot holds more water than other synthetics I've used, the tips are soft, and it has some decent backbone. I have used it for face lathering with both creams and soaps very successfully.

26 mm premium synthetic awsomeness in fan shape.

There has been talk of knots that behave as if they were made form actual animal hair.
The talk is officially over, the package has dropped an it was made in Japan.

This wonderful know acts, retains water, and looks as if it is made of high quality badger, but the price, drying time and performance-for-price are beyond compare.
It whips up a lather with the greatest of ease and on top of my True Blood handle, it's the best best-looking and best performing brush I own.

Dense, pretty to look at, stiff but never rigid backbone, and so smooth and soft on the skin.
Superb flow-through as well as water retention.

Think twice before ordering any animal hair knots from thispoint on, the tech is here.

I ordered in the EU, paid customs tax, and regret nothing.
Get one, yesterday. In fact, get two. I know I will.

100% will buy again, keep up the amazing work.-

Get a G5C knot!

If you are thinking about one of these, just get it. For face lathering, it is perfect. Soft yet has good scrub. Great backbone, extra dense, and does not go all "donut" on you. Holds a lot of water and expedites a well hydrated lather.

joseph castro
Love it !

Not knowing what to expect, I decided to purchase the 26mm cashmere brush and I must say I was very impressed with the softnesss of the brush and for me the backbone was perfect. I have other synthetic brushes in my den which are soft but in my opinion this brush moves to my top shelf. I love the red and clear handle and it feels good in my hands. This shaving brush was well worth the cost and to tell you the truth, having used it, I would have paid more. Good job AP shave. 😀