24MM 2BED Synthetic FAN w/ Blue Lagoon Handle

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The 2BED knot is named after its characteristics. It looks like a 2 Band Badger knot, hence the 2B. The ED is the extra density this knot carries. You put that together, you get the 2BED knot. This is the FIRST FAN KNOT IN THE APSHAVECO Collection! The hair in the knot made for a true fan shape, unlike some of the flatter fan shapes I've seen in plenty of synthetics. This knot stands out with it's excellent splay. It's similar to the Cashmere in terms of softness. The hair is slightly thicker than the cashmere near the base I find however, if a bit of subtle backbone when splayed. A truly outstanding knot with the high quality you would expect from APShaveCo.

The blue lagoon is a classic APShaveCo Handle with subtle blue features (especially in light!)

Customer Reviews

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William Hendricks

These are very high quality, much better than the ones that you get in the kits, beautiful handles, and the synthetic fan holds a lot of lather.

JP Slater
Just what I was looking for!

I'm a bit of a "scrubber" when I lather up--at least for the first pass--so I need a brush with some splay. This one does it.

Edwin Laabes
Excellent synthetic knot, beautiful deep blue handle.

The brush has great splay and decent backbone. The feel on the face is luxurious. As I build my lather on my face, these are great qualities to have in a brush. It's a soft knot that holds quite a bit of water compared to other synthetic knots. The handle is gorgeous and reveals all types of deep blues when seen under a light. It's comfortable to hold and as my preference lean towards short stocky handles it was a good choice. Just a great brush that builds rich and creamy lather and is a joy to use. Great brush at a great price. Get yourself one!