24mm Cashmere w/ Winter "White Wizard" Handle

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**$3 OFF, white part of the resin now showing a black dot or two, there may also be some specks in the clear resin**

The cashmere knot is described below:

The Cashmere - one of THE softest knots I've ever felt to date.The hair in this knot is super thin, providing you with one of the softest knots you'll ever feel on your face. However, the extra density of the knot provides you with that backbone needed to provide a creamy lather. The thin hair and extra density pair perfectly in this knot to give you a fantastic shaving experience!The top of the knot is hard to capture - the picture really does not do the density of this knot justice. This knot is NOT like the Omega Boar synthetics.

The "Winter" handle - the first addition in a seasonal brush collection. This handle is comprised of a two tone ivory top and clear base. The clear base shines beautifully in natural light, as you can see in the pictures taken outside, it adapts a slight blueish (icy) tint when exposed to the winter conditions.

**This handle can be subject to very minor cosmetic imperfections. The clear may resin may (or may not) have some very small specs/imperfections in it, and where the ivory meets the clear resin may (or may not) have some incredibly small air bubbles. Most people won't notice it at all, but it's worth mentioning to those that may be expecting perfection**

Customer Reviews

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24mm Cashmere

WOW! Stellar in performance and appearance at a great price point. Easily rivals higher end badgers IMHO.

Luke Grogan

24mm Cashmere w/ Winter "White Wizard" Handle

Simon R
Great Brush!

Very well made Lovely Soft Face feel and a decent backbone behind it my New Favourite Brush!

richard per
Winter handle, 24mm Cashmere.

Perfect for face lathering. Ultra soft but the density gives it more than enough backbone for a great lather. The handle fits my hand perfectly. Would highly recommend.

Daniele Fameli
Superlative shaving brush!!!!

I have just unboxed and shaved with my new winter handle cashmere brush which I have ordered from Andrew. What can I say? I have found the brush I was looking for. I mainly use soft soaps and shaving sticks. Particularly with the latter, I have always found something unsatisfying with other brushes (e.g. boar needs to re-lather; badger hair loss drives me mental; tuxedo (not from apshaveco) too stiff, though best latherer of the three). This one, imho, fits all the problems I have had with the other types of brushes. It is super soft (almost like my silvertip) and the face feel when lathering up, even with the brush only damp (basically when I use the stick) is wonderful. It lathers up as good as my tuxedo brush so no need for re-lather for subsequent passes but just re-applying. KUDOS to Andrew.