24MM SynBad w/ Blue Lagoon Handle

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The newest knot in the APShaveCo collection - the SynBad knot - as a full brush! I had two goals with this knot 1) getting the closest imitation to badger in appearance yet and 2) providing consumers with a knot that had a great splay. This knot solves the problem many have with the Tuxedo not being able to splay easy, and its the most beautiful knot in my collection. The tips are on par with the cashmere, the splay is one of the best out of all my knots, and the backbone is a bit less than that of the tuxedo (enough for easier splay) A truly outstanding knot with the high quality you would expect from APShaveCo. I call this handle the "Blue Lagoon" because of the depth. If you look at the pictures, this isn't your standard blue handle. When exposed to light, the depth of the handle shines through and you're left with a wonderfully unique brush!

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Awesome brush bargain price

John A Edge
24MM Synbad w/ Blue Lagoon Handle

This brush is such a beautiful and super soft brush. I am a face lather shaver and this brush is a wonderful change of pace compared to my three AP Shave Co Muhle STF brushes. I thoroughly advocate this a brush to add to your collection.

Elegant Gem

What a gorgeous brush. Great quality and ultra soft bristles. It just loves to soak up the lather. Hard to beat!

Aaron Raser
Great Brush!

Amazing shave brush. Company even wrote a personalized note on the packaging label on the inside, very sweet and thoughtful! Also feels very lovely!

Gary Wilson

the famous words of Gold Hat :
Badgers, to hell with badgers! In fact, we don't need badgers. I don't have to shave with any stinking badgers !