24MM SynBad w/ Elegant Emerald Handle

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The Elegant Emerald handle has a beautiful green appearance, with ripples of other colours throughout the handle. The cashmere knot is described below:The newest knot in the APShaveCo collection - the SynBad knot! I had two goals with this knot 1) getting the closest imitation to badger in appearance yet and 2) providing consumers with a knot that had a great splay. This knot solves the problem many have with the Tuxedo not being able to splay easy, and its the most beautiful knot in my collection. The tips are on par with the cashmere, the splay is one of the best out of all my knots, and the backbone is a bit less than that of the tuxedo (enough for easier splay) A truly outstanding knot with the high quality you would expect from APShaveCo.

Customer Reviews

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Conard Linton
First Synthetic Brush

I have a couple of boar bushes and a couple of badger bushes this one seems to fall somewhere in the middle. I face and bowl lather and haven’t had any problems with either one.

Get it!

Thought I was “settling” when I went with the emerald handle because nothing else really jumped out at me. It’s actually way better looking in person! For me, the backbone is right on. Previously had the tuxedo not, I believe, and thought it had too much backbone for face lathering, which is the way I always lather. Had no issues with semi-hard soap. Confident that hard soap will not be an issue. For comparison, has slightly less backbone than my Razorock chrome, more than the Razorock keyhole, tips are as soft as the keyhole (extremely soft!). My new favorite!

a bit disappointed

I really like the quality of the brush, but I like to lather on my face and there two downsides. There is very little backbone on the knot and two after loading the brush it takes more work for the soap to "ooze out " compared.to my maggards 24mm... Unfortunately will be selling this

Josh Eyres
Awesome Brush

Got this brush for Christmas from my wife. The synbad knot is superb, stiff, soft and splays incredibly well. I already own the clear handle cashmere knot one. This however, blows it out the park. My wife was also impressed with the delivery to England. Awesome stuff, keep it coming.

D Dub
Love this brush…

I bought this because I didn’t have 24mm knot. I kept hearing about AP and how much value and quality they have. I recently bought a 28mm white wizard that had a blem (supposedly)… My wife and I are still trying to find it. The Synblend is awesome, and now I have the cashmere knot and I love it just as much for different reasons.