24MM SynBad w/ Elegant Emerald Handle

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The Elegant Emerald handle has a beautiful green appearance, with ripples of other colours throughout the handle. The cashmere knot is described below:The newest knot in the APShaveCo collection - the SynBad knot! I had two goals with this knot 1) getting the closest imitation to badger in appearance yet and 2) providing consumers with a knot that had a great splay. This knot solves the problem many have with the Tuxedo not being able to splay easy, and its the most beautiful knot in my collection. The tips are on par with the cashmere, the splay is one of the best out of all my knots, and the backbone is a bit less than that of the tuxedo (enough for easier splay) A truly outstanding knot with the high quality you would expect from APShaveCo.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Hatton
Fantastic Brush

The photo's on the site don't do justice to the beauty of this handle. The SynBad knot is near perfection as it whips up great lather yet has backbone and is smooth on the face. For a pre made brush this one is outstanding.

Bob G
Great brush

I gave this brush as a gift to my future SIL who has never been a wet shaver. He loves it. I love it and I have been wet shaving for seven years. It is a terrific brush and could well be the only one he ever needs.

Matthew Broyles

24MM SynBad w/ Elegant Emerald Handle

Michael Cam
Elegant emerald

Beautiful brush and a great knot! I bought this for my 14yr old son’s first shave. Green is his favorite color and all he could say was an excited”Wow”. Made a great lather for an enjoyable first shave.

James Caycedo
Comfortable and soft synthetic brush for the money, but beware shedding hairs.

The SynBad model is a very soft, lovely little lather-making machine. It feels wonderful on the face when splayed, has good backbone that keeps the floppiness to a minimum, and a handle that pleases the eye. I have noticed mine seems to shed 1-3 hairs every time I use it, even after 4 weeks of use. Still, I'd recommend this to anybody looking for a decent synthetic to add to the collection.

Hey James, it's possible the knot might be a rare dud - shoot me over an email (andrew@apshaveco.com) and I'll get it fixed up for you. Thanks!