24mm Tuxedo w/ Elegant Emerald Handle Handle

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The Elegant Emerald handle has a beautiful green appearance, with ripples of different colours throughout the handle.The knot is named not only after the black/white appearance, but because I believe it gives a truly luxurious experience to your shaving routine. The performance of this knot has the ease of lathering of the common "plisson" style synthetic with some unique differences. With the testing being done, myself and a few others believe this knot has a similar feel to the "game changer" with similar tips to that of the "uber soft". It seems to be almost a hybrid between the two.

*These handles are made from a mold and are not 100% perfect.

Customer Reviews

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Debra Wingo
Tuxedo is a Winner!

The soft bristle tips feel better than my silvertip badger against my face, simply GREAT! For looks, the black in the tuxedo knot combined with green & black handle looks superb. This tuxedo has a bit more backbone than the Synbad and it handles my soaps well creating lots of lather. As said elsewhere, the Tuxedo is a “Goldilocks” brush, not too stiff, not too floppy, and yet really soft.

Mike Hines
Nice Brush!

This is simply a gorgeous brush!! Incredibly soft tuxedo knot with a stunning emerald handle. I've probably 16-17 shave brushes....this one just rocketed to the top of my favorites!! Not to mention, with a synthetic knot my wife is REALLY happy about that!
Just "another day at the office" for the folks at AP Shave....they just make great shave brushes!

MH from NH

Just anoather day a