28mm-30mm Knots

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This listing is meant to be used with the brush builder for handle listings. Please use the other listings if you are buying knots only. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

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Mark Johnson
Great service

Love the knots and service. Bought a second brush immediately. First brushes knot is set too low because I choose the loft height. Totally my fault. The second brush I let Andrew choose and it's a keeper.


Hello, I purchased Andrew's 28 mm G5C knot, initially set at 52 mm. As a new wetshaver exploring different brush backbones, I found the bristles to be exceptionally soft with a noticeable scritch. However, despite my preference for face lathering and a brush with splay, I discovered that this brush had more backbone than desired. Achieving splay, especially on my cheeks, required considerable force, and I often had to splay from outside the center. It seems more suitable for those who prefer paint brush strokes or bowl lathering. Personally, I didn't develop a strong liking for it and later opted for a Trafalgar T3 with a similar backbone but easier splay.

I must commend Andrew's excellent customer service. He was responsive and answered all my inquiries. I look forward to making more purchases from him in the future.

Really underwhelming tbh

I had previously used a Plissoft type brush and thought this would be an upgrade. It’s the opposite, really doesn’t perform anywhere near as well. Way harder to lather, bristles don’t spring back well after being splayed, doesn’t hold a lot of lather despite good technique. I went back to the Plissoft right away. Thi was a mistake of a purchase for me, unfortunately.

Samuel Ewart
Knots .

Lovely cashmere knot so soft
Why buy a wald.A1
When you can get this quality
Off knot off Andrew...

Right balance of soft and structure

Excellent knots, well made, soft and lather really well as look great.