28mm SilkSmoke™ Synthetic Knot - Bulb

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Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot packed with Extra Dense synthetic hair.

Note: this knot tends to run a little small! (about -0.5 to -1mm)

Customer Reviews

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Thom Brogan
All the Backbone! All the Soft!

First, let me note I ordered this knot in white shaving brush handle on accident. I think the drop down menu reset when I forgot to enter something and it got selected when I fixed the first goof. Wanted a 30mm bulb knot in this handle which I now also have. Anyways…

The first thing I noticed was the looks. The white tipped grey knot made the slightly ivory tint of the handle look even classier than in the photographs (no easy feat).

The second thing I noticed was the softness of the tips. Before this, my softest brush was a competitor’s “tuxedo” knot. It’s very soft, but felt like Jiminy Scitchett in comparison to the Silksmoke. This is one soft brush.

The third thing I noticed was the backbone. Ordering a short loft (I like short lofts!) made the backbone even stronger.

Splaying can be done with this brush with this setup, but it excels at both painting and making you happy you painted. The combination of the softness and the backbone is a very pleasant and effective combination.

10/10, do recommend

David Sprecher
Tight and rough

I was surprised with how tight this knot was. I was expecting something with a lot of splay and soft.

Richard G.
Great custom brush

Ordered a 28mm Silksmoke knot in the ‘Disco’theme with a taller (65 mm) handle.Great brush with medium backbone dense 28 mm bulb which is ideal for either face or bowl lathering. Service was superb. Thanks Andrew!

28mm Silksmoke syn knot

More backbone than most, dense. Can scrub with firm splay, paint brush nicely. If you don't collapse the knot too much it is a fine double duty knot. Has become my go to knot. I plan to get a fan next.

Christopher Heimgartner
Excellent Synthetic Knot

This knot is great. It seems to have slightly more backbone compared to my other synthetics. The color is also beautiful in person. I can't wait to continue using this knot.