28mm SynBad Fan Synthetic Knot

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Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot packed with Extra Dense synthetic hair.

Customer Reviews

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Best knot in market

This is the best knot I have ever used. It has plenty soft tips with decent backbone. The splay has improved after a few uses. Provides a great lathering experience.

David G.
This one’s a winner!

After back and forth discussion with Andrew, he steered me towards this knot. He was absolutely right. Great splay and whips up an amazing lather. A very elegant knot, one that has transformed my original synthetic brush into something even more beautiful and better performing. Thank you Andrew.

First Class Knot

This is very soft indeed, looks great, splays well and is an all round great knot. The usual first class service from Andrew at AP Shave.

Kelvin B
My first time

Just discovered these lovely brushes...so I had to buy 2.
Both are 28mm SynBad synthetic, a Fan, and a Bulb.
Only used the Fan so far and it's a great brush. Nice soft face feel, lathers up the Stirling like a champ.
It makes a good lather and holds it nicely...lots of 'micro lather' in there too.
Way better than my old 'El Cheapo' synthetics.
Definitely a big difference in performance.
I will buy more APShave Co brushes now that I have discovered them.
I want to try the 30mm next time!
Thanks Andrew, great product and great service.


This knot checks every box for me, and some boxes beyond that! I found the bulb version to have too much backbone. The fan is exactly what I was looking for, easy splay and that wall of cloud feeling.