AP400B XL Brass Shaving Brush Handle (fits 28mm, 30mm knots)

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A replica of the classic rubberset 400, but made of brass and with a bigger ferrule profile to accommodate 28mm and 30mm knots!

All handles include the following:

    • Made of 100% Brass
    • Polished for a high quality finish
Optional add ons:
  • Any AP Shave Co. Knot (not included, add-on price varies based on knot)

                   To add a knot - use the "Build a Brush" option above this description

  • FREE Knot Setting (included with purchase of AP Shave Co. knot)

Handle Specs:

  • Hole Size: 31mm
  • Hole Depth: 17mm
  • Length: 80mm

Additional Notes:

  • Handles are made on via CNC lathe and may be subject to minor machine markings. 
  • Ferrule does not separate from the base like the original handle
  • WILL PATINA. 100% natural brass, subject to patina if not cleaned up from time to time.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Christopher Pritchard
    Big brass bad boy brush

    A most wonderful heavy and immaculately finished brush with a lather monster of a knot. I have always loved Cashmeres, but this larger knot just raises the game to a new level. An absolute gem for face lathering and very highly recommended.

    Add to that it was superbly priced and with great service from AP one wonderful purchase

    Jim Combs
    Fantastic Brush!

    The brass handle is very heavy. Makes you know you are dealing with high quality materials. The cashmere synthetic knot is buttery soft and lathers up a soap very nicely. So happy I purchased this set up.

    Richard Redvanly
    XL Brass with SynBad

    I love the SynBad brush. The XL handle is great, very easy to grip. And, it looks great! You always get a fantastic brush from AP SHAVE CO.