Honey Ebonite Handcrafted Shaving Brush Handle (fits 24mm, 26mm knots)

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Why is ebonite priced high? The answer is time, and material cost. The cost of german ebonite is x2 the cost of resin from the UK. It takes x2 longer to machine it and gives off sulphuric gases (only during production, don't worry it doesn't smell in your hands) as the base material is a rubber compound. It also takes 2 times longer to polish (polishing a rubber compound is no easy task, i'll tell you that!). All of this factors into the price for this absolutely stunning material (photos don't do it justice imo!)

All handles include the following:

    • Crafted by hand
    • Made of premium German Ebonite
    • Polished for a high quality finish
    • AP Shave Co. Shaving Brush Box

Optional add ons:

  • Any AP Shave Co. Knot (not included, add-on price varies based on knot)

                   To add a knot - use the "Build a Brush" option above this description

  • FREE Knot Setting (included with purchase of AP Shave Co. knot)

Handle Specs:

  • Hole Size: 27mm
  • Hole Depth: 17mm
  • Length: 60mm

Additional Notes:

  • The coin is encased in clear resin for protection
  • The coin may be subject to minor imperfections as they're made from a mold
  • Black coin looks best in indirect light!


    Customer Reviews

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    Andrew Moir
    Very nice handle. ‘Ok’ brush

    The ebonite handle I got was very nice indeed. I am mixed on the SHD A brush head which is soft on the skin but very very springy with too much backbone for my liking. I wish the website had a numerical scale for how much backbone a head has. The cashmere that I have as well is very nice but a bit of a weak backbone. A final note on shipping. This was frustrating as the brush was mailed quickly in Ottawa, was sent to Montreal, and then was delivered to my home in Ottawa 7 days later. I think other shipping options are needed.