Penny Shaver Single Blade Cartridges

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Why shave for dollars when you can shave for pennies? That was the idea behind the Penny Shaver. It's the newest venture of the man behind AP Shave Co. and will be aimed at the mass market under Penny Shave Inc. (website development currently underway). 

Choose from 4 different quantities:

10 cartridges

25 cartridges

50 cartridges

100 cartridges

The penny shaver is great for all types of shavers including wet shavers and those potentially on the fence about wet shaving. This razor is unisex and works on all types of hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Yang Won Hyeok
I found the treasure.^^

I found a little treasure. It's the cartridge I've been looking for. I have many classic razors. But this cartridge is attractive enough. Our wet shaving club members are also very interested. It feels good to use and is very satisfying.^^

pavlos passas

Long time ingrown hair sufferer here. I tried every razor you can imagine (de, safety, cartridge) to no avail. This razor was exactly what I was looking for. A single razor with a pivot that wasnt ultra expensive. Shaves have been smooth and more importantly NO INGROWNS!! You have a customer for life!!