24mm Gelousy SHD Euro Bulb 2 Band Badger Knot (A3)

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Euro Bulb = More tip coverage lower on the knot. The shape is made resemble the bulb shape made common by the likes of Thater and Shavemac.

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Customer Reviews

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Douglas Carey
24mm 2 Band Badger (A3)

I have a few of these knots. The 24mm Gelousy SHD Euro Bulb knot is incredible. It has backbone, but not to much, it has soft tips, but not to soft. This is truly an outstanding knot. Highly recommended.

Michael R.
top tier badger knot

I purchased a 22mm Gelousy SHD Euro bulb/ handle from AP Shave months ago and it quickly became a favorite. Now a 24mm and a 26mm version will replace a boar knot and a synthetic in two older 24mm and 26mm handles. I love the shape and feel of your Gelousy Euro bulb knots compared to other badger knots currently available. Highly recommended.

George Georgieff
Gelousy SHD Bulb 2 band badger knot 24 mm

This is the second knot I am buying from AP Shave Co. The first was the Cashmere. All knots are of excellent quality. I installed the badger knot in Razo Rock Bruce handle because I like the shape of that particular handle, and now the brush looks and feels like the most expensive brushes manufactured by Shavemac or Thater for fraction of the price. I highly recommend this knot!

JR Reyes
Gelousy is a Great Knot

Just grabbed another 24mm Gelousy knot for a vintage brush restoration project. They have nice density, no crazy glue bump, and some incredible tip softness. I really have been impressed with them and reccomend them highly.