Gelousy SHD Knot Batches Notes

All Gelousy knots will produce gel tips. That's a guarantee. However, there are some subtle differences depending one which batch you purchase. Currently, there are 3 different batches available for purchase. The A1, A2, A3. Batch availability depends on sizing and stock, what's on the website will be what's available at the current time. Lets jump into the notes now for each batch:

Batch A1

The first batch of gelousy knots. Gel tips, a tad floppy/easier splay, ultra hooked, extra gelled, crunchy and velcro-like when dry, slow drying time 

Batch A2

Gel tips, more backbone then A1, slightly denser feeling, crunchy when drying, a bit quick drying time, a bit softer when dry, very slightly less softer when wet, slightly whiter tips

Batch A3

Overall the tips are very similar to the A2 from my tests, maybe needs a few more shaves to break in relative to the A2. This is the first batch with notes depending on the shape. 

Fan Shape: ZERO glue bump. Slightly taller than previous fan shape knots. Therefore, how deep you set it will determine how much backbone the knot gives you. I recommend setting the knot in the 17-22mm range, but it depends on your preference.

Bulb Shape: This is a new bulb shape to the AP Shave Co. lineup and will be the new one for badger knots going forward. Named the "Euro Bulb" the tips go lower down the knot to give you more tip coverage when putting the knot against your face. It shape resembles one made popular by european makers such as Thater and Shavemac hence the Euro Bulb distinction,

Batch A4

Overall the tips are very similar to the A2/A3 from my tests. Like the A2, they gel almost instantly. There's more backbone which is a welcome feature for the fan shape. Overall very happy with this batch!

Fan Shape: Very minimal to no glue bump. More backbone than the A3 fan shape knots. As such, you'll have more flexibility in terms of the "sweet spot" and how you can set the knot.