Shaving Brushes

Take a look at all of the different types of shaving brushes I have to offer. Click on any image to get started.

Handcrafted Series Drops


Mühle x AP Shave Co. 

Featuring the Mühle STF!

heritage collection banner.jpg__PID:b7001e3a-0301-41f3-b867-dfa975df5bde

Heritage Collection x AP Shave Co. 

Featuring vintage handles brought back to life by Heritage Collection!

Wood Handle Series

FSC Certified Sustainable Wood, Handles Made in Germany!

AP Shave Co. Handles, Manufactured by Shavemac

Premium Quality Made in Germany Handles by Shavemac!

semogue at apshaveco.jpg__PID:5667ba29-a280-477f-ba05-855e0878afce

Semogue x AP Shave Co. 

Featuring the Semogue Boar & Mistura Badger/Boar!

Resin Series


Etched Series

Handles with affordable custom engravings

Metal Series

A rendition of the Rubberset 400 in various sizes

Timeless Series

This is all the brushes I've carried in the past and will continue to carry

Retailer Exclusives Series

Support Our Wonderful Community Retailers!