Supporting Artisans

Artisans have always been a pillar of the wet-shaving community. This page is dedicated to those that have decided to support me by carrying my knots for their excellent brushes. Please consider supporting them! 

stocks G5C (available at The Razor Company)

Shop TurningByTanz

stocks SynBad, Gelousy SHD Badger knots

Shop Black Anvil

stocks G5A, G5C (DM Him)

Shop ColoradoRazorDesigns

stocks variety of AP Shave Knots (DM Him)

Shop TheCaYuenWorkshop

stocks G5A / G5C

Shop Wolfman

stocks G5C (available at The Razor Company)

Shop AKA

stocks Gelosusy SHD Badger Knots

Shop WolfWhiskers

stocks SilkSmoke, Tuxedo, SynBad

Shop PotteryByLucy

Looking to become a supporting artisan? Please reach out to