26mm Gelousy SHD Fan 2 Band Badger Knot (A4)

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Very minimal to no glue bump on the new fan knots. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Bary Bedford

This is the most HD knot I have ever used. Amazing performance.

Jordan Croteau
Very soft

Softest knot I've ever tried, and the service from AP Shave Co was second to none!

David Grossman
Another winner

This is an outstanding knot with wonderful gel tips. Very dense knot, definitely no need to get a 28 mm knot unless you head shave. Splays very nicely. I love that “wall of badger” feeling as I face lather. Top notch product as you would expect from AP.

Robb Allen
The best badger knot I’ve ever owned!

I love this 26mm Gealousy Fan knot! It feels fabulous on the face and generates copious amounts of lather quickly. With the fan style it’s does well for both scrubbing on the face as well as paint lathering.

I don’t own a lot of badgers (v9 fanchurian, DS cosmetics 2 band badger) to compare and now I don’t want to. I absolutely love it!

Robert Bergey
Great Knot

This is my fourth Ap knot and the performance is too shelf just like the rest