24mm-26mm Knots

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Customer Reviews

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joseph castro
Love it !

Not knowing what to expect, I decided to purchase the 26mm cashmere brush and I must say I was very impressed with the softnesss of the brush and for me the backbone was perfect. I have other synthetic brushes in my den which are soft but in my opinion this brush moves to my top shelf. I love the red and clear handle and it feels good in my hands. This shaving brush was well worth the cost and to tell you the truth, having used it, I would have paid more. Good job AP shave. 😀

Derrick Hogue
This knot is excellent.

The right amount of splay, the right amount of backbone and a perfect comfortable feeling when rubbed against your face. The bulb shape is good enough for tub load-lathering and good enough for face lathering. I like the brush.

Carlos De Medeiros
Love it

This is what a synthetic should feel like. Soft but serious backbone and lathers wonderfully. Great knot.

Jack Labusch
Moving Way Up from Cheapie Synth Knots

This German synth knot is way better than the synth knot on the cheapie starter brush I bought years ago. Close to or just like natural fiber in "latherability", backbone, and those other know-it-when-you-feel-it properties. I like the quick-drying and easier-to-clean (in my opinion) aspects of synth knots. Many thanks to AP for making this available in the Rubberset 400 reproduction.

Robert Hatton
Great knot!

Knot is soft and yet has enough backbone to whip up a great lather. Synthetic knots have come a long way since I first tried them a couple years ago.