24mm-26mm Knots

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Customer Reviews

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Jack Labusch
Moving Way Up from Cheapie Synth Knots

This German synth knot is way better than the synth knot on the cheapie starter brush I bought years ago. Close to or just like natural fiber in "latherability", backbone, and those other know-it-when-you-feel-it properties. I like the quick-drying and easier-to-clean (in my opinion) aspects of synth knots. Many thanks to AP for making this available in the Rubberset 400 reproduction.

Robert Hatton
Great knot!

Knot is soft and yet has enough backbone to whip up a great lather. Synthetic knots have come a long way since I first tried them a couple years ago.

I can't believe it's not badger!

Well, not really. Great splay, a bit more backbone than a 24mm Synbad.
Pretty tall & large top for a 24mm. 24mm G5c.

Joe Bracken
Cashmere 26mm

The best brush I own superb quality and so very soft awesome

G5C 24mm synthetic knot

I prefer the SynBad knot over this knot. The SynBad splays better and is not as springy as the G5C. The G5C feels very much like the Muhle V2 synthetic knot, an older generation knot I believe. Overall, I prefer the SynBad to other synthetic knots I’ve tried.