24MM APLuxury Bulb w/Blue Lagoon Handle

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This is the ONLY high quality mixed knot on the market. Heres a quick description, summed up in a FAQ:

Can you quickly summarize the performance of this knot?

Its somewhat hard describe, it's a unique experience. It gives you a soft brush with some good scrubbiness to it, it's a really enjoyable experience.

Whats the difference between the bulb vs. fan?

Fan: splays more, less backbone

Bulb: splays less, more backbone

Does this knot need to be broken in?

Yes. It's not unusable at first, but the perform does get better after some regular use.

Do I need to soak it?

I would recommend you do. Soaking tends to soften up the boar hair in the knot and makes for a more enjoyable experience

What is it made out of?

It's made out of Finest Badger hair and Boar.

Where can you ship it?

Anywhere. Theres no shipping restrictions on these knots.