24mm Cashmere™ Fan Synthetic Knot

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Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot packed with Extra Dense synthetic hair.

Customer Reviews

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Soft and dense, perfect for my headshaves

A wonderful knot

Next to the SynBad, the Cashmere is another great knot, so soft! I have it in several sizes now.

5 stars for croap loading or face lathering

I am very particular about stuff ,that in the scheme of things , don't really matter, but I do it for fun . So , I have experimented with plenty of shaving products including different knots and lofts . For my type of lathering the Cashmere fan at 24mm knot and 53 mm loft works very well . It has enough backbone for my soft Cella croap that's in a deep ceramic bowl or I use premium Pacific Shaving cream with a 1/2 inch dab on my cheek before face lathering. The Cashmere is super soft for multiple circular motions on my face and neck , the splay is great with the fan shaped knot and the 52 mm loft is enough to give it backbone for the UN- demanding way I use soft stuff to load the brush. If you use any hard pucks and stuff like that , first I would wonder why you would go to all that trouble when you could use an Italian type croap. Ever wonder why you have to "bloom" a hard puck ? Because it sucks and is naturally difficult to load your brush. What bother , but if you do , and you need a stiffer brush , the Cashmere may not work for you. For me , now that I'm use to the softness of the Synbad and Cashmere , when I use my tuxedo fan brush it feels like i'm using a Brillo pad.


Not bad just not good for me. Much preferred the 2BED. This splayed like wet angel hair pasta and had this weird perfectly circular homogeneous splay that’s hard to describe if I tried to set the loft lower to give it backbone. Really wanted to like this knot and relofted several times. Threw it away. The 2BED had better face feel and better splay. Probably works IF loft is set perfectly.