24mm Cashmere w/ Blue Lagoon Handle

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The Cashmere - now as a full brush! I assemble these brushes when I get a chance to, and list them accordingly. I will keep the prices of these beauties as affordable as possible. If this listing sells out there WILL be more. Patience is key!I call this handle the "Blue Lagoon" because of the depth. If you look at the pictures, this isn't your standard blue handle. When exposed to light, the depth of the handle shines through and you're left with a wonderfully unique brushThe Cashmere - one of THE softest knots I've ever felt to date.The hair in this knot is super thin, providing you with one of the softest knots you'll ever feel on your face. However, the extra density of the knot provides you with that backbone needed to provide a creamy lather. The thin hair and extra density pair perfectly in this knot to give you a fantastic shaving experience!The top of the knot is hard to capture - the picture really does not do the density of this knot justice. This knot is NOT like the Omega Boar synthetics.

*These handles are made from a mold and are not 100% perfect. If theres some scratches on the base, this is perfectly normal!I

Customer Reviews

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mark abramczyk

Nice but very soft I want to try a different handle and knot from AP

Soft, functional & well-made.

I’ve only had it for about a month, but I’ve used it almost daily. It’s very soft and comfortable on my face. Doesn’t take long to build a lather. It retains whatever amount of water and lather you want in the brush. Easy cleanup. Haven’t lost any strands. Very satisfied to far.

mark monaghan
How brilliant is this brush?

Well what can I say!

From initial discussions with Andrew through to getting the end product, absolutely fantastic!!

The brush is beautiful, well made, the knot is soft ( luxury!!) Needs no breaking in whatsoever and is a great product.

The sales service, emails etc were regular, the postage and secure packing superb.


The price, honestly as value for money goes these are in my opinion, second to none in their price range. I have sang the praises on various shaving forums and I know many others who have different AP brushes. If I was not so old I may buy another ( if the wife let me).

All I can say is buy these brushes for partners, parents or yourself, they will appreciate it as will those faces. Andrew you deserve to sell out completely!!

Consistent Quality

This brush is no different from any other brush or knot I have purchased from AP. The function and appearance are top notch. This is my first Cashmere brush and it performs extremely well. I don’t believe it has shed one hair.
I look forward to many years of service.

Kieran Dhaliwal

5 Stars