24mm Cashmere w/ Elegant Emerald Handle

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The Elegant Emerald handle has a beautiful green appearance, with ripples of other colours throughout the handle. The cashmere knot is described below:The Cashmere - one of THE softest knots I've ever felt to date.The hair in this knot is super thin, providing you with one of the softest knots you'll ever feel on your face. However, the extra density of the knot provides you with that backbone needed to provide a creamy lather. The thin hair and extra density pair perfectly in this knot to give you a fantastic shaving experience!The top of the knot is hard to capture - the picture really does not do the density of this knot justice. This knot is NOT like the Omega Boar synthetics.

*These handles are made from a mold and are not 100% perfect. If theres some scratches on the base, this is perfectly normal!


Customer Reviews

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very good brush

the brush is very good the hair is very soft one of the most soft hair in synthetic brush.

Christian HELFER
Elegant Emerald cashmere handle

Superbe poignée aux reflets jaunes et mauves. Touffe très douce avec ce qu'il faut de ressort. Splendide brosse. Très content de mon achat sur ce site sérieux. A recommander.

Ryan Thomas
24mm cashmere

Best brush I have ever owned, I can finally face lather without irritation. the quest to find the perfect brush is now over.... now I just feel bad about buying other brushes that cost 5x the price. the pictures also don't do the handle any justice, it's very pretty in person.

24mm Cashmere w/ Elegant Emerald Handle

Very good shaving brush. Soft and delicate. Suitable for those who like soft brushing. Whips cream and soap on the face very well. Due to its small size, it is not very convenient to work in deep bowls / scuttles, because the handle beats against the edges of the scuttle, bowl. Thank`s for your brushes

ryan delage
Cashmere very soft.

Coming from Silvertip badger, the cashmere is really nice, really soft, a little too soft for my likings, the handle is perfect and looks great in the light