24mm FlatTop w/ Elegant Emerald Handle

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The Elegant Emerald handle has a beautiful green appearance, with ripples of different colours throughout the handle.The newest knot in the APShaveCo collection - the FlatTop synthetic knot. While imitating the look of a silvertip badger knot, this 100% synthetic knot is the first synthetic to be released in this flat top shape. This knot its ULTRA SOFT at the tips while the shape and size (24mm*60mm as a loose knot) provides great backbone. A truly outstanding knot with the high quality you would expect from APShaveCo. *These handles are made from a mold and are not 100% perfect.IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: Canada - TrackedUSA - Not Tracked (Upgrade to Tracked available)International - Not Tracked (PLEASE DO NOT PICK "Tracking" UPGRADE, YOU WILL BE REFUNDED)