24mm G5A SHD Premium Synthetic Knot

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The G5A features the following:

- Natural-looking synthetic fibers imported from Germany

- The hair on the G5A is very similar to that of other big name high end synthetic knots. For reference, it’s most similar to the Omega EVO, and similar to the Simpsons Platium Grade synthetic.

- This knot has been packed with SHD density to make it the denest possible knot for it’s size (20% more hair).

- Excellent backbone. This German hair uses a wavy style hair to clump the tips and gives it more backbone while still retaining that amazing synthetic softness. It’s a truly luxurious experience with this knot.

- Very soft tips (approx. very soft to above average softness compared to other synthetics)

- A common problem with the G4 knots you’ve seen on the market is that they tend to tangle in the center after use. This problem does not occur in the G5A hair!

-It retains water in a more efficient manner than traditional synthetics.

NOTE: These knots contain and inherently shorter height (approx. 65mm) compared to other synthetics (68mm). Keep this in mind when setting the knot, you'll need a slightly more shallow hole!

Base Diameter: 24mm (

± 0.5 - 1mm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fantastic service

Well worth the wait for a quality product a brush knot. Just perfect and lovely note inside. Best wishes

Great knot!

I liked the 26mm so much that I got this 24mm for a smaller handle that I have. It works and feels great!

Like a synthetic DO1-2Band

Highly recommending this synthetic if you like soft synthetics with no scritch but prefer the backbone and splay qualities of a DO1-2Band Badger. I would say the knots are very comparable in performance . Definitely a top 3 knot of any brush I’ve owned and way above any other synthetic knot I’ve tried to include some of the other offerings by ApShave and PAA. Only regret is not spending extra to get a better handle with this superb knot.

Sterling Campbell

The single finest face lathering synthetic available. All synthetics have soft tips but are less soft while splayed. The G5A feels like silk fibers regardless of the positioning of the fibers. Excellent high back bone with the best water retention I've ever seen in a synthetic...by far. This thing killed my acquisition disorder for synthetics. Just incredible... especially after 6 or 7 lathers. Despite being synthetic this brush DOES improve slightly after break in.

Michael D'Amico
24mm G5A SHD Premium Synthetic Knot?

I have not yet had the opportunity to use the brush this knot was mounted in. I can say that it installed easily in the brush and I like the look. l am pleased so far with how the knot feels. I am confident it will have the right amount of splay and backbone as I have other knots of this type set at the same loft as this one.