24mm G5B™ Premium Synthetic Knot

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The G5B features the following:

- All Black Hair Fibers imported from Germany

- EXCELLENT backbone. The stiffer German hair gives you backbone more similar to natural hair than nearly any synthetic.

- Soft tips (approx. average softness compared to other synthetics), scrubby base

- Ultra quick drying. Shake dry or dry with a towel and it's dry in less than half the time of a normal synthetic knot

- Antibacterial Hair - an antibacterial coating is applied to the hair. This makes it safer to store in smaller places with less air, such as a dopp kit. This, combined with it's quick drying properties make it an excellent knot for travel

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I wanted a good, firm scrub in a synthetic and this is the one for sure. To me it's perfect. Have one.

The Best For My Uses

I was looking for a synthetic knot that would whip up the quickest lather yet still be soft enough for the face, not fling soap everywhere yet somehow be low maintenance and affordable too.

This is it!

Look no further, it not only does all that, it also rinses out and drys super-fast too! This is my favorite knot, hands down! Killer knot!

Dana Votour

Who needs natural when synthetic is so good ?!

The G5B knot is an excellent balance of all aspects

The G5B has great scrubbing action yet not scratchy, the soft tips are quite comfortable on the face. It has excellent backbone and picks up soap quickly from the puck and makes great lather either on the face or in the bowl.
With just a couple of swirls on the face the lather starts exploding and I enjoy scrubbing in.
I feel that this knot is an excellent balance of all aspects for a shaving brush.
Quickly moving to the top of my list, actually, no other brush is this much fun for me.

Alan Henjakovic
Excellent G5B Premium Synthetic Knot

AP Shave Co as usual provide excellent Customer Service and recent purchase for G5-B Synthetic Knot is excellent choice, lots of backbone and feels very soft. Highly Recomend it 🪒💈