24mm SynBad Fan Synthetic Knot

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Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot packed with Extra Dense synthetic hair.

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Wonderful knot

I am a SynBad fan, and this fan provided that Wall of Cloud feel in a smaller knot. Paired beautifully with a unique looking wood handle and made the brush fantastic!

Georgy Shirobokov
SynBad Fan Synthetic Knot

Best knot

5 stars the synbad fan is as good as the the cashmere fan

The 24 mm synbad fan knot set at 52 mm loft is great for face lathering and can handle bowl lathering with a croap soap . If you use a semi soft Italian type croap in a 4 or 5 OZ. tin or plastic round container the synbad knot should work well for you. I use Cella croap set in a fairly deep ceramic shave bowl . The fan shape gives it extra splay for face lathering and it has enough backbone to be just fine for soft croap bowl or tin lathering . I would say it is slightly firmer than the cashmere knot , but both at 52 mm loft I find the performance of both to be similar . They are both very soft for your babyface , but the synbad is just ever so slightly firmer ..........I think . It's hard to tell when I put them side to side.

Stanislaw Lowicki
Best quality

the best bristles on the market :)

Alessandro Pezzoni
Great knot for face lathering

The knot is extremely soft, just like a makeup brush. It still has a good amount of backbone without being springy, which makes it perfect for face lathering.