24mm SynBad Bulb Synthetic Knot

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Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot packed with Extra Dense synthetic hair.

Customer Reviews

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William Collins
A Best Choice Synthetic Knot

The Synbad knot has some of the softest tips of any synthetic I’ve used. It’s a near perfect combination of softness and backbone, with excellent splay when set at normal depths in a handle (slightly below the glue base). For more backbone and scrum, setting the knot around 5mm lower works well. The bulb of the fibers are uniform and symmetrical, with a beautiful brown base transitioning to a soft white tip, which resembles a two-band badger. It’s the only synthetic I’ve found that gives a closer true appearance to a two- band badger. It works great for face lathering soap and creams, has good water retention, has good flow through, and builds a thick lather with an economy of product. It’s overall an excellent product.


Working wonderfully, and made a great handle fantastic!

Ronald McMillon
Excellent Knot

I'm new to synthetic brushes this is my fifth synthetic knot I originally bought this to replace the knot in a 24mm trifalger but I decided to leave it and buy another brush handle for this and I'm impressed this is the softest face feel with just enough backbone to not end up floppy this is the closest to a silver tip feel of them all so far, this knot makes me wonder if I really need to bother with badger knots at all, and that's saying something.

Edward.J Pearson
Yippee !! The knots have arrived !

My first impressions are , looks beautifull, very soft tips with firm body and backbone, I now need to experiment with diameter and depth of bore, hopefully I can find the correct setting to give me my perfect shave brush. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks, Edward J Pearson

François Blais
Excellent knot!

My favorite is the Cashmere but the Synbad comes in second, not far from it!