24MM SynBad w/ Ruby Ripple Handle

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The ruby ripple handle has a beautiful red appearance, with ripples of other colours throughout the handle. The cashmere knot is described below:The newest knot in the APShaveCo collection - the SynBad knot! I had two goals with this knot 1) getting the closest imitation to badger in appearance yet and 2) providing consumers with a knot that had a great splay. This knot solves the problem many have with the Tuxedo not being able to splay easy, and its the most beautiful knot in my collection. The tips are on par with the cashmere, the splay is one of the best out of all my knots, and the backbone is a bit less than that of the tuxedo (enough for easier splay) A truly outstanding knot with the high quality you would expect from APShaveCo. I

Customer Reviews

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Great first brush!

This is my first brush.
Worth the cost, seems high quality and feels nice on my face.

Patrick Elliott
Top 3 brush in my den

I have had the 24mm SynBad brush I for about two weeks now, and I cannot be happier with my purchase. At first I thought the knot was too small, but it splays wonderfully, even with a firm backbone, and distributes lather evenly across my face. It holds water and lather very well, and retains heat from my scuttle. I can say with confidence that I will be a repeat customer in the future.

James Traylor
Great Brush

I have probably 20 brushes. They are mostly all synthetic as that has become my preference. This Synbad brush quickly became my favorite. Great looking, lathers like a champ and soft on the face - yet, has enough backbone.

Mikhail Томилин
Extra Dense Shaving Brush - Cream/Brown - Imitation Badger

oday I tried out the brush in the work. Perfectly whips up the foam and keeps a sufficient amount of foam, sufficient for three passes . And also does a little facial massage. Everything is just super.

David Holloway
24mm synbad

This is my third synthetic brush. Was looking for brush that splays more than my Yaqi tuxedo. Not much difference with synbad but overall decent brush.