24mm Titanium™ Synthetic Fibre Knot - Bulb

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The "Titanium" knot is a part of the "UK Fibre Supplier" line.

These fibres are from the company that has been supplying the world's oldest shaving brushes (est. 1919) from the UK with both badger & synthetic fibres for 40+ years now.

The name is very much a nod to fibres used in their "premium" line of synthetics, as the fibres come from the very same source. 

These fibres are known for having ultra soft tips and superior backbone. This knot behaves fairly similar to those of the "G5" line, although I'd consider the backbone of these tapered fibres even stronger than the G5 line. Definitely a must try!

Customer Reviews

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Robert Chernecki
Favorite knot!!!

Love this knot!!
Went with andrews reccommendations and set it at 12mm as suggested and its perfect!!
If you like backbone, on top of super soft bristles, that also splays, this is the knot!!!
Not really sure what the other complaining review was, I wring out every knot before loading then, add water after the first application for that marshmallow lather.
The first time I used it, it did have some spring and flung the lather around a bit, but the second shave it was gone!
So this is the unicorn knot in my opinion and the best I've tried so far!
Thank you Andrew for your help and guidance in setting a knot,
as well as the networking you do to bring the best possible products to your customers!!
Thanks again Andrew,
Happy shaves, all!

I like it better than the G5A, still not perfect

I am very happy to get this knot because the price from the other source makes trying new things prohibitively expensive. I won't argue whether the backbone is stronger because this knot actually has some splay unlike my G5A(set as shallow as possible). I like the feel of the fibres and the shape of the knot, but it doesn't hold onto water well, it constantly runs out of the knot down the handle. The problem is that it doesn't pick up soap well so you need to keep adding water to assist it, but then it doesn't stay put. You can, and should, squeeze the knot occasionally which is kind of annoying to remember. This knot works better for bowl lathering, but you should keep the brush knot side down while shaving. I am not sure if the fan knot would be better, but my G5C remains the gold standard for me, even for bowl lathering with it's fan shape. You can induce it to run water, but it's not a constant problem. I may try the other variants and eventually pull this knot if I find one I like better.