24mm Titanium™ Synthetic Fibre Knot - Bulb (UHD)

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The "Titanium" knot is a part of the "UK Fibre Supplier" line.

These fibres are from the company that has been supplying the world's oldest shaving brushes (est. 1919) from the UK with both badger & synthetic fibres for 40+ years now.

The name is very much a nod to fibres used in their "premium" line of synthetics, as the fibres come from the very same source. 

These fibres are known for having ultra soft tips and superior backbone. This knot behaves fairly similar to those of the "G5" line, although I'd consider the backbone of these tapered fibres even stronger than the G5 line. Definitely a must try!

**WARNING: Strong Backbone on these fibres + UHD Density (increased backbone) = very heavy backbone and very little splay. Best for paint-stroke style lathering, while using a bowl. For more splay on a UHD knot - please try the independent UHD knot**

Customer Reviews

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Mike S
Great Backbone for a Synthetic. Better than an SG M7.

I love the high-density knot. It has a lot of backbone, which I prefer for lathering with soap. It's even better than the synthetic M7 SG fibre.

I would certainly buy this in bulk if I went into craft production. 10/10 for a synthetic. Plus, it even looks like silver badger.

Jay Hill
Great knot

I’m really loving this knot so far, almost two months in. I find it more dense than the G5A but that knot has softer tips. Only noticeable if I take a dry knot and push it straight into my face. I don’t splay my brushes so I can’t comment on that but, it’s a nice combination of dense and soft. Would definitely recommend. I might buy another for a different handle.


I was a bit worried about this purchase because I had a knot in another brush with the same fiber and it was so much scratch and backbone I ended up using it to scrub pans with. However, this knot is softer and the splay is much better. Set the loft as high as possible and you’ll get great splay and backbone and comfort. 10/10 will recommend