25mm Mühle STF XLarge x AP Shave Co. Alumihandle - Black Matte - Rocket

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Special rocket engine handle design, exclusive to AP Shave Co.

A premium hair grade, this synthetic brush consists of seven different types of Fiber, varying in thickness and length. This variation allows for a brush head that, without compromising on backbone, is uniquely soft and easy to manage.

Tied by hand, the Silvertip Fiber was created to provide a completely vegan, and lower maintenance product that would emulate all the benefits of a premium natural hair brush head.

Easy to care for and easy to use, the Silvertip Fiber brush still produces a thick and creamy lather from small amounts of shaving soap and cream. Unlike natural hair, however, the Silvertip Fiber brush is somewhat more stable and resistant to daily wear. A little more forgiving in its maintenance, the Silvertip Fiber brush dries quickly and is more resistant to shaving soaps and creams.

Durable but suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types, Silvertip Fiber is uniquely soft at its fine tips, guaranteeing a gentle and pleasant experience, without compromising on the desired backbone of a quality brush head.

The handle include the following:

    • Made of premium aluminum in a matte finish
    • Black Sandblasted Finish
    • AP Shave Co. Shaving Brush Box

Additional Notes:

  • Handle Height: 65mm
  • Loft: Approx. 55mm
  • Handle shape design by Canadian & community member (u/USS-SpongeBob)

Customer Reviews

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Superb brush.

The 25mm Mühle STF XLarge is a superb brush. Great performing knot and a beautiful mat black handle with a good weight. Whips up a great lather. My #1 brush.