25mm Mühle STF XLarge x AP Shave Co. Angelic Harp Etched Series Black Handle

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The Etched series of handles by AP Shave Co. brings in handles with unique engravings at an affordable price. An exciting world-first and something I'm incredibly proud to share with you!

This handle is etched with the silhouette of an Angelic Harp. All images used for this series are CC0 public domain images.

Angelic Harp: Another etching that's beautiful to look at. With origins from Ireland, this angelic harp etching reminds us of the beauty of human creations such as music, and human ingenuity, such as the craftsmanship of beautiful harps. 

A premium hair grade, this synthetic brush consists of seven different types of Fiber, varying in thickness and length. This variation allows for a brush head that, without compromising on backbone, is uniquely soft and easy to manage.

Tied by hand, the Silvertip Fiber was created to provide a completely vegan, and lower maintenance product that would emulate all the benefits of a premium natural hair brush head.

Easy to care for and easy to use, the Silvertip Fiber brush still produces a thick and creamy lather from small amounts of shaving soap and cream. Unlike natural hair, however, the Silvertip Fiber brush is somewhat more stable and resistant to daily wear. A little more forgiving in its maintenance, the Silvertip Fiber brush dries quickly and is more resistant to shaving soaps and creams.

Durable but suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types, Silvertip Fiber is uniquely soft at its fine tips, guaranteeing a gentle and pleasant experience, without compromising on the desired backbone of a quality brush head.

  • Handle Height: 57mm
  • Loft: 53mm (Approx.)
  • Coin: Grey or Black (it is random)

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Very good knot

      While the 25mm is a very good knot compared to many other synthetics, I find the 23mm is better for my liking for face-lathering. I have been using both. The 25mm does not splay as well as the 23mm and requires more product than the 23mm to produce the same density of lather, which is to be expected given its bigger volume. While I do enjoy using this knot, I would probably enjoy it even more were I a head shaver.
      The handle unfortunately is the one complaint I have about this brush because the bottom edge is a little too sharp and does not feel good. It really should have been smoothed out more. The other dimensions of the brush are fine as is the etched artwork.

      David McDaniel
      25MM MÜHLE STF

      The pictures are good, but do not do this brush justice. Both knot and handle look better in person. The etching of the Angelic Harp and overall polish is fantastic. This Muhle STF lives up to its reputation. Comparing it the G5C, it is a bit softer with a little less backbone, if that matters. Overall, an outstanding brush. Fast shipping and excellent communication! This is my 2nd brush from apshaveco.com and won’t be the last. Thank you, Andrew!

      Marc B.

      I love this brush. The knot is the famous Mühle 26mm STF set in an ergonomic handle that is incredible to hold. Whatever you do, don’t hesitate to buy this brush. It’s worth the price.