25mm Mühle STF XLarge x AP Shave Co. Crushed Mud Resin Handle #86, Manufactured by Shavemac

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Manufactured by one of the world's most famous brush makers in Shavemac, this partnership between AP Shave Co. and Shavemac brings extremely high quality shaving brushes manufactured to perfection by Shavemac. 

Each handle is made of "Inlace Acrylester", a type of polyester resin from Noblesville, Indiana, USA. These pearlescent blanks look incredible when finished and have amazing depth when viewed in the light!

A premium hair grade, this synthetic brush consists of seven different types of Fiber, varying in thickness and length. This variation allows for a brush head that, without compromising on backbone, is uniquely soft and easy to manage.

Tied by hand, the Silvertip Fiber was created to provide a completely vegan, and lower maintenance product that would emulate all the benefits of a premium natural hair brush head.

Easy to care for and easy to use, the Silvertip Fiber brush still produces a thick and creamy lather from small amounts of shaving soap and cream. Unlike natural hair, however, the Silvertip Fiber brush is somewhat more stable and resistant to daily wear. A little more forgiving in its maintenance, the Silvertip Fiber brush dries quickly and is more resistant to shaving soaps and creams.

Durable but suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types, Silvertip Fiber is uniquely soft at its fine tips, guaranteeing a gentle and pleasant experience, without compromising on the desired backbone of a quality brush head.

  • Handle Height: 50mm
  • Loft: 54mm (approx.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anton Sizemore

Amazing brush! I was a little worried at first as it has very little backbone, and i was having trouble bowl lathering my Stirling soaps. Quickly learned that i just needed more water in the brush beforehand. The brush is so soft, that i can actually face lather creams directly. I have not been able to do that with my two previous brushes! (Silvertip Badger and Yaqi 24MM Tuxedo)

Andrew also has fantastic service, quick to answer any questions i had, and even though it was around the holidays, he quickly got it mailed.

Highly recommend!

Howard Kamil
Five Stars

Lovely brush, both the knot and the handle. Very nice addition to the shave den. Personal quick service from Andrew in the middle of the holiday season, much appreciated!