26mm Cashmere Fan Synthetic Knot

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Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot packed with Extra Dense synthetic hair.

Customer Reviews

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Gregory Jones
Even better than I thought it would be

Softest knot I have ever used but with enough push-back for even the hardest soaps. Will be purchasing another one soon.

Jean Thibault
Excellent matériel

vraiment emballé par la qualité du poil.

John Petolillo
Favorite knot

This has been my go to knot as of late. Absolutely love the splay on this as I face lather. Feels super soft on the face. The SynBad was one of my favorites until I picked up this one. I think I want to pick up a SynBad fan next to compare as my other SynBad knot is a bulb. I also have the G5C but I always find myself going back to the cashmere fan knot. Such an excellent knot all around

It's Good

It's soft but not floppy. Works well in my CaYuen handle.

Great brush and customer service

It has all the properties of a great brush: extremely soft tips, good splay. The density makes sure it has some backbone as well. It is the softest knot in the market. I received a dud initially but Andrew provided hastle free replacement free of cost.

Hi Amit, I replace defective knots free of charge, please email andrew@apshaveco.com and I can get you set up with a replacement knot if it’s still shedding. Thank you!