26mm G5A™ SHD Premium Synthetic Knot

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The G5A features the following:

- Natural-looking synthetic fibers imported from Germany

- The hair on the G5A is very similar to that of other big name high end synthetic knots. For reference, it’s most similar to the Omega EVO.

- This knot has been packed with SHD density to make it the densest possible knot for it’s size (20% more hair).

- Excellent backbone. This German hair uses a wavy style hair to clump the tips and gives it more backbone while still retaining that amazing synthetic softness. It’s a truly luxurious experience with this knot.

- Very soft tips (approx. very soft to above average softness compared to other synthetics)

- A common problem with the G4 knots you’ve seen on the market is that they tend to tangle in the center after use. This problem does not occur in the G5A hair!

-It retains water in a more efficient manner than traditional synthetics.

NOTE: These knots contain and inherently shorter height (approx. 65mm) compared to other synthetics (68-70mm). Keep this in mind when setting the knot, you'll need a slightly more shallow hole!

Base Diameter: 26mm (

± 0.5 - 1mm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
John A Edge
Great knot to begin the wonderful G5 series

The G5A is a super soft tipped brush with a decent backbone. Great brush for bowl lathering and a good brush for face lathering if you are more of a "painter". If you are a a pure face lather shaver, the G5C might be a brush you could look at. Regardless, all of AP Shave Co brushes are of outstanding quality. I have six of them already....

My favorite knot! Killer knot!

This knot is just awesome! Like all the G5 knots, the G5A whips up a lather quickly, has great backbone, soft tips, cleans up & dries quickly. This knot is just a little better than the G5B or C, IMO. I prefer its shape to the G5C, and it’s performance just a little better than the G5B. That being said, all the G5 knots are awesome, so if you don’t have or want to spend the money on a G5A, a G5B or C are still excellent choices! The G5 knots are the very best I’ve tried, my AP brushes blow the doors off all my Omega, PAA, Razorock, Semogue, Vikings Blade and Yaqi Brushes hands down!

Andy Giroux
Love the knot

The knot is great. Very soft while also having plenty of backbone. Overall it's great. Andrew, the owner, provides amazing customer service. I'll definitely be back if I ever need another brush!

Alireza Ahmadi
OK knot but very short.

The Knot has a good density and feel but it is very short. I ordered the 26 mm and my knot was 61 mm high. Respectively the brush feels stiff and not as good as I hoped.
The service from AP Shave was good.

Jonathan Smith
Amazing knot, just verify the specs

Really love this knot. High tier synthetic, and you really get what you pay for. The tips are soft, the color is very natural, and the fibers hold their form very well. Since placing the knot, (and 7 uses) I have only lost 3 fibers thus far. Your mileage may vary, however I just want to illustrate that you should have a low chance of getting a terrible, defective knot. Works so well, comparable to all the other mid/high range box store synthetics.