26mm G5C Premium Synthetic Knot

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The G5C features the following:

- Hair Fibers imported from Japan

- Great backbone. The stiffer Japanese hair gives you backbone more similar to natural hair than nearly any synthetic.

- Ultra soft tips, even softer than the G5A. 

- First FAN shape knot in the G5 lineup. This allows for the most splay of the G5 lineup too.

- Fan shape allows for minimal glue bump

- Retains water in a more efficient manner than traditional synthetics (consistent throughout the G5 lineup)

NOTE: These knots contain and inherently shorter height (approx. 65mm) compared to other synthetics (68-70mm). Keep this in mind when setting the knot, you'll need a slightly more shallow hole!

Base Diameter: 26mm (± 0.5 - 1mm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Steven Mendez

First off, I'm not one to subscribe to the need for a Synthetic to feel like a badger. However, the quality, plush feel of the G5C fibres are a class on their own.
Imagine the softness of the Synbad knot (another fantastic option) but more robust and dense.
The backbone is fairly significant when first lathering up, but once you start creating a shave-ready consistency the thin fibres give way and allow for a really nIce cushion feel.

I'm not a badger purist by any means, but I really feel that even the most ardent of badger lovers would at the very least, appreciate what this knot has to offer.

In short, if there was ever a knot that has the ability to 'bridge the gap', the G5C would own that status.

William Dalton
The best synthetic

By far, the best synthetic knot I've tried, including Simpsons!

Jamie Chiasson
Very suprised.

Usually not a synthetic fan, but bought it based on some reviews. I love it, it was a bit firm the first Shave, but softened up every shave after. Great knot.

Paul Wheeler
1st AP knot

I was looking for a good synthetic knot for a handle I had. Found this one and bought it to try out. What a fantastic knot! Very soft tips with just enough backbone. Hard to believe it's not a good badger knot. Definitely be getting more from AP!

Great knot! Almost looks like a real badger.

Soft tips, good backbone. Works great for bowl or face lather. I set the knot myself, a little bit too low and regreted it, but after a couple of shaves the fibers softened up and it is perfect now. This is a high quality synthetic knot for a very good price.