26mm G5C™ Premium Synthetic Knot

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The G5C features the following:

- Hair Fibers imported from Japan

- Great backbone. The stiffer Japanese hair gives you backbone more similar to natural hair than nearly any synthetic.

- Ultra soft tips, even softer than the G5A. 

- First FAN shape knot in the G5 lineup. This allows for the most splay of the G5 lineup too.

- Fan shape allows for minimal glue bump

- Retains water in a more efficient manner than traditional synthetics (consistent throughout the G5 lineup)

NOTE: These knots contain and inherently shorter height (approx. 65mm) compared to other synthetics (68-70mm). Keep this in mind when setting the knot, you'll need a slightly more shallow hole!

Base Diameter: 26mm (± 0.5 - 1mm)

Customer Reviews

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Rajiv Shetty
Awesome customer service and product

Since my boar brush fell apart (used daily for over a decade), I had to get a replacement. Andrew kindly provided recommendations on the brush handle, since I knew the knot I wanted. This synthetic knot feels, looks, and works like animal hair without the guilt attached. Overall, I am very happy with the product and excellent customer service.

Highly recommended!

Daniel Thomas
Great knot

Just not use both like and unlike Badger hair. It feels a lot like some badger brushes and it holds water fairly well. The tips are soft and the brush has a good backbone. I had it set out a little farther so it would splay better for face lathering. I’ve used it a lot recently and the more I’ve used it the better and has gotten.

Alexandru Stoicescu

I got this knot by chance, one of WetShaving group member sold it to me. I've been using G5 knots from Oumo for a while, which I considered unbeatable so far. Nevertheless, it seems this one demonstrates it is always a way to make things better. Very pleased with the purchase (28mm/ set at 50).

Nameless Workx
The G5C

These are some wonderful Knots from my own experience and from what I hear from others

Excellent Knot!

While I prefer bulb knots, this knot is awesome and has all the attributes I love! With a 50mm loft, this knot loads and whips soap faster than all my other name-brand brushes. I’m talking noticeably and significantly faster! I love it as much as my G5B and Faux Boar knots!