26mm Independent™ Synthetic Fibre Knot - Bulb (UHD)

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The "Independent" knot is a part of the "UK Fibre Supplier" line.

These fibres are from the company that has been supplying the world's oldest shaving brushes (est. 1919) from the UK with both badger & synthetic fibres for 40+ years now.

The name is very much a nod to fibres used in their inexpensive line of synthetics, as the fibres come from the very same source. 

These fibres are known for having a good scrub to them without being scratchy, something that's absent in a lot of synthetic knots. The fibres are also soft when lathering and can almost get "crunchy" when drying, another unique element to these knots.

Customer Reviews

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James D.
Not for me

There is nothing wrong with the quality of this knot, it’s very nice & soft, but it doesn’t whip up a lather as quickly as I prefer. It does produce a nice creamy lather though.

Scott Ziehms
My new favorite knot

This knot has the amount of backbone and scrub(set at the right loft) I was looking for. The normal independent fiber is ok, but this one hits out of the park.