26mm MiG Premium Synthetic - Hybrid Shape

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This knot is handmade in Germany! (MiG = Made in Germany) It features top of the line fibres from Thailand. Knot characteristics are somewhat similar to that of the G5 series:

- Hair Fibres imported from Thailand

- Good backbone, but will splay better than the G5 lineup.

- Very soft tips, on par with top-tier synthetics. 

- Hybrid shape that is bulb dominate but has a bit of a fan shape.

- Metal casing over the glue base

- Retains water in a more efficient manner than traditional synthetics 

Knot Height: 68mm

Base Diameter: 26mm (± 0.5 - 1mm)

Customer Reviews

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Richard G.
Fantastic knot

The new MiG hand tied synthetic is a superb knot. Loads easily, gives up lather generously and retains lots for repeated shaving passes. Highly recommended in the 26mm and also the 22mm sizes. Makes me smile every time I use it.

Great Knot—Soft, Splays, Has Backbone Too

The MiG is a fantastic knot. I have it set high, about 10mm deep give or take (I set it myself and I'm not particularly skilled at all). It's both a super soft and dense knot, which I think would be great for bowl and face latherers. As someone who builds a lather on his face, the pursuit of backbone and splay are often at odds with each other. This knot handles both really well. It splays when needed (just a teensy push on the face more than a badger I'd say to do so), but the backbone and density of the brush are really special. And it's as soft as anything you might want as well. It's unlike any knot I've tried (and I've tried so so so many synthetic—and badger and boar—knots). For a comparison, the hairs are slightly longer than the G5C, but has many of the same characteristics. I think the fibers might be a bit thinner on the MiG vs. the G5C. That's how the knot feels on my face, anyway. But, it also holds lather wonderfully and releases it easily too. I think this synthetic knot holds water better than any other synthetic I've tried. It really is special. Of all the AP synthetic knots (and other synthetic knots from others), this one is my favorite to date. I'm really bemused and happily surprised because it's just so different (in the best way). In the end, when I use this knot to make a lather, I smile and it makes me happy. I hope you give it a try to see if it makes you happy too.