26mm MiG™ Premium Synthetic - Hybrid Shape

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This knot is handmade in Germany! (MiG = Made in Germany) It features top of the line fibres from Thailand. Knot characteristics are somewhat similar to that of the G5 series:

- Hair Fibres imported from Thailand

- Good backbone, but will splay better than the G5 lineup.

- Very soft tips, on par with top-tier synthetics. 

- Hybrid shape that is bulb dominate but has a bit of a fan shape.

- Metal casing over the glue base

- Retains water in a more efficient manner than traditional synthetics 

Knot Height: 68mm

Base Diameter: 26mm (± 0.5 - 1mm)

Note: this new batch has more pillowy soft fibers, slightly less backbone than the original batch but still wonderful. The shape is also a bit more bulb vs the last batch.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Hatton
Fantastic Knot

I have been using mostly synthetics for the last year pulling out a badger occasionally. I have Stirling Sovereign knots, SynBad, Cashmere, Independent, Titanium, G5A's and now the MiG. I was looking at the Muhle STF and Andrew suggested the MiG. I'm not sorry for choosing the MiG. It acts like a high end badger, has good backbone but dries quickly and is soft on the face. If you are pining for an STF, give the MiG a try.

Gregory Gallant
Best Synthetic Knot Yet!

I have tried the G5 series, SynBad, Titanium, Cashmere, and others. So far, for me, the MiG feels the closest to a high-end badger knot in backbone, splay and softness.


Thank you so much Andrew for your amazingly quick replies to my questions which made it so easy to order and start a new way of shaving. I have been really examining my plastic use and wanting to minimize it...your brush and handle have made it so easy at such a high quality level to do just that. Being vegan I wanted a synthetic that was not made in China...you quickly guided me to your MIG (German production) line along with a FSC wood handle and it's perfect! You made a perfect brush that I am so happy to use and grateful for as it helps our Earth for sure! Only place I will shop for shaving needs...no other place needed. Thank you again and again!

Richard E.
Goldilocks and the 26mm AP MiG knot.

I've tried brush knots that were too stiff and knots that were too floppy and some that were too short and some that were too long. This one is perfect! Love it! It's just right (Goldilocks would approve.)

Richard G.
Fantastic knot

The new MiG hand tied synthetic is a superb knot. Loads easily, gives up lather generously and retains lots for repeated shaving passes. Highly recommended in the 26mm and also the 22mm sizes. Makes me smile every time I use it.