26mm SilkSmoke™ Synthetic Knot - Bulb

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Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot packed with Extra Dense synthetic hair.

Note: this knot tends to run a little small! (about -0.5 to -1mm)

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Scarlett
Great brush

This silksmoke has rapidly become a favourite.Great lathering and holds enough for 3+ passes. Splays with a little pressure, good backbone and paints beautifully, soft on face too.Handle offers a firm grip and I like the looks.Andrew really is great to deal with .Excellent all round.

Mark Oakes
26mm Silksmoke bulb

Really good knot, it's shortish loft and bulb shape delivering noticeably more backbone than the fan or hybrid varient but still Silky soft in the tips.


Good knot if a little small at the head for a 26mm. Not overly long in the loft, which is good. More backbone in this bulb than the fan or hybrid shapes of this knot.
The softest tips of any synth I've tried.

Very nice knot.

This is a really nice knot with a medium to firmish backbone. Andrew is really excellent to deal with. If you have any questions please contact him prior to purchase for excellent advice.

Wallace B
Great brush

Love the soft on your but good backbone, that makes creating lather easy. Not to mention the classy look. The handle is perfect for my hand easy to hang onto. Which was important for me since I’m still regaining strength in my dominant hand after having a stroke.