26mm SilkSmoke™ Synthetic Knot - Fan/Flat Top Hybrid

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Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot packed with Extra Dense synthetic hair.

Note: this knot tends to run a little small! (about -0.5 to -1mm)

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Fan fan!

I've had this knot, attached to a S&D clear handle , for nearly a month now and I so badly want to like it. I straight razor shave about every third day and as yet I've not found the right soap for it, it has no holding power on shave sticks or creams meaning you have to go back for a reload every time. I got so frustrated with this that I put it on the shelf,.....for now. I intend to go through all my soaps with this in the hopes of finding one that will let me like this brush like I want to. Fingers crossed!

Jaap Wittebrood
AP Silksmoke Synthetic

One of my best Brushes in the collection.

Great, soft knot

The SilkSmoke fan is a different animal than the bulb shaped version. The fibers are finer, softer, and the knot has a shorter overall loft than the bulb. The shorter loft makes it the perfect knot for a shallow socket. I set mine with a free loft of 50mm and it's just about perfect from a softness and ease of splay perspective. Great synthetic knot!

Excellent knot!

The 26mm SilkSmoke fan offers a great combination of qualities. It takes about one use to "break in" the glue bump, after which the knot has a nice ability to splay without being floppy. The tips are pillowy soft and feel great against my face. The backbone is noticeable but not unduly stiff or uncomfortable. And the knot works with both a splay/scrub style and a painting style of applying lather. Great performer and very comfortable in use!