26mm SynBad™ Bulb Synthetic Knot

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Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot packed with Extra Dense synthetic hair.

Customer Reviews

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William Cox
Synbad knot

Very nice knot it’s very soft and makes a killer lather !!!!!

Alfred Spencer
SynBad 26mm knot

This has become one of my favorites. It is soft, good backbone and splays beautifully. I bowl lather and it wips up a lather in no time. Highly recommended.

Aaron Gardner-Kocher
Good overall

This is a good knot overall. It has nice soft tips. I prefer some of my other synthetic knots, like the cashmere, because this one is just not as dense, and added with the height at which the fibers start to taper narrower this makes the knot have pretty low backbone.

Greg S
Love my Synbad knots!

Ordered this knot to put in a Wild West Brushworks handle and it is amazing! Have 2 other brushes with the Synbad and it is definitely my favorite knot! Perfect blend of stiffness and splayability! If Wild West ever makes a handle for a 22mm knot I will end up buying another one no doubt.

Brendan Chute
Great knots and friendly service.

Great knots. I use these for my business and everyone loves them!! Thanks Andy.